Black Cat Burrito

127 South Depot Street
Boone, NC 28607


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Black Cat Burrito


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Black Cat Burrito was the brainchild of Megan Carmody (formerly, Megan Knoll)and Roland Knoll way back in 1998.  Both were living in Atlanta and working in the Industry, Megan at SweetWater Brewing Company in sales and Roland at an Atlanta landmark restaurant called Indigo.  The union of the two proved to be the impetus needed to figure out a way to get out of Atlanta.  Opening a restaurant seemed like the natural fit since both had been in the business since they were in high school.  A visit from one of Roland’s college buddies, Trey Morrison, who was living in Boone at the time and wanted in on the venture, sealed the deal.  After several drinks and some late night scheming, Boone, NC was the destination!

With Trey on board, Megan and Roland moved to Boone in June of 1999 and immediately started work on the enormous task of turning an empty storefront into the Boone institution we all know and love as Black Cat Burrito.  Built and designed entirely by the three, with tons of help from friends, namely Kasey Pond, the restaurant opened on September 26th, 2000.  No advertising, no grand opening, no signs, no nothing… just word of mouth brought the masses.  Part luck, part timing, and a whole lot of kick-ass food made Black Cat a success from day one!

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